Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knowshon Moreno Ignored Terrell Davis' Phone Calls

UPDATE:  Knowshon Moreno was asked about this and he said he never got the messages...

Terrell Davis is currently giving an interview on 104.3 the Fan with Alfred Williams and D-Mac and just told a very disturbing story.   He said that he called Knowshon Moreno (both former Georgia running backs) TWICE and Knowshon Moreno never called him back. 

That certainly calls Knowshon Moreno's judgment into question.  A former NFL great, League MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and two-time Super Bowl Champion who went to your college and played for the NFL team that drafted you calls you, and you don't call him back??!?!?


  1. It will be even worse if we find out he owes TD money.

  2. No-show needs to go!

  3. Get moreno & tebow both outta here


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