Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brandon Marshall Controversy

It is looking more likely that Brandon Marshall will be heading out of town, meaning the Broncos will be without their top two offensive players from last year.

The latest fissure with the organizaiton occured on Friday after Marshall was acquitted of all charges in his Atlanta trial. It is reported that an unknown PR employee for the Broncos coached the players against expressing happiness for Marshall, instead telling them to say that they are just happy that it won't be a distraction for the team. While the unknown PR person was thrown under the bus for this, it seems likely that the edict came from McDaniels because it fits in perfectly with his "Team Above All Else" mantra. This is not a bad mantra, but it was a major mis-step to coach players on what to say about a personal issue for Marshall. Since then, the Broncos organization has apologized to Marshall after Marshall's agent demanded they do so. However, McDaniels did not issue the apology - Broncos' COO Joe Ellis did.

McDaniels is proving more and more inept at dealing with personnel issues. It raises major questions at to why he has authority in this role.


  1. It is so obvious that McDaniels has lost the team. Nobody respects him anymore... this is easily seen when he is on the sideline and you read the body language of the players around him. They don't want to perform for him anymore. He makes stupid decisions and calls dumb plays that don't make any sense. He has turned the Broncos so one dimensional that defenses have no trouble tearing them apart.


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